Has Rick Ross Kicked His Longtime Love Thang Shateria Curbside For A Curly Sue???

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Rick Ross is officially living the single life After sitting in the Front Row reppin’ for longtime girlfriend Shateria Moragne-el and her Frontrow fashion line this February BOSSIP can exclusively confirm the pair are no longer a couple.

An inside source tells BOSSIP:

“They’ve been done since around Father’s Day, haven’t been together since at least June but she’s been pretending otherwise,” a friend told BOSSIP. “He just got ‘tired’ of her. They’ve broken up before but this time it’s for good. It was nothing specific but he put a lot of money into the business and they didn’t see eye to eye. That started a big argument but they always had a lot of issues. She put up with a lot.”

Pressed for details, the source told BOSSIP, “She turned her head to a lot of BS. Tried to ignore the fact that he was with other women but it’s kind of hard to ignore them when he’s bringing them back to the home you share.”

SMH. Cotdamn Ross is dirty!

It gets messier though.

Ross has already found a replacement. More photos on the flip…


While Shateria is suffering from the sidelines, this young stunner by the name of Christelle Blanche has been subtly gloating on social media… Our source tells us she has been waiting in the wings to become Ross’ bottom breezy for as long as two years now…

She’s been posting photos from his yacht, his house and little things like his liquor brands and pictures of his dog.

Never hurts to sprinkle in a few lyrical references…

Sorry to censor but ya know how that goes around these parts…

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    We see you Ross…


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