That Was Weird: The Most Socially Awkward Rappers In The Game

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The Most Socially Awkward Celebrities

Celebrities pride themselves in looking cool. They spend millions of dollars on their looks and trying to make everyone think they’re the swaggiest people at the party.

But in reality, most of them are just as awkward as we are.

Having trouble believing us? Thought you would so here’s proof…

Kanye West – He’s got his issues , has a shifty voice and spazzes out on everyone. Wanna hang out with him?

Jay-Z – Jigga man is all about his cool when he raps, but that jumping in the pool and everything normal he does is pretty lol-worthy.

Nicki Minaj – She makes those crazy faces and goes off on people all the time. Just check her interviews.

Drake – Look at those Drake-faces, awkward hugs and duck lips. Just look at them!

Rick Ross – Anyone who keeps his shirt off in public looking like that is probably pretty weird.

Eminem – He’s pretty much like your dad now. Plus he hasn’t cared much about being cool in a while.

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    Lil Wayne – He’s wacked out of his mind all the time…what’s he even talking about?

    The Game – He’s like a little weird kid that’s totally insecure. The reality show was enough for us.

    Bow Wow – He’s the butt of YMCMB jokes in the short clips we’ve seen of them hanging out and, well, you see him every day on BET.

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