All Struggle: A Gallery Of The WORST Celebrity Weaves & Lacefronts & Wigs

- By Bossip Staff
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There’s no excuse for a female celeb with millions and access to premier hair stylists to have stressful weaves, struggly wig-helmets or colorful rodent fur plopped on their head in every photo but somehow many do with no care in the world.

Here’s a photo gallery of the WORST celebrity weaves, lacefronts and wigs. Take a look.

Naomi Campbell

Tamar Braxton

Pam Oliver

Lil Kim

Golden Brooks

Wendy Williams

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    Nicki Minaj



    Serena Williams

    Gabby Sidibe

    Jennifer Hudson

    Mary J. Blige

    Hottie (Flavor of Love)

    Shay Johnson

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