Crazy In Love: Women Who Seem To Love Their Men More Than Their Men Love Them

- By Bossip Staff
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Women Who Love Their Men Too Much

You ever see those couples where one person seems to be totally invested way more than the other person?
We see it all the time and especially in these relationships.

These women are head over heels for men who act like they couldn’t care less. Don’t you want to just shake these women and tell them to wake up? Lord knows we do.

Karrueche – She was madly in love with Breezy and did everything he wanted no matter how he dirty dogged her.

Chrissy Tiegen – She’s always all over him and he doesn’t care. At all. Wonder why.

Tahiry – Deep down, Budden probably loved Tahiry more but he pretended like he didn’t care when they were together.

Kourtney Kardashian – She loves her man, and we really have no clue why.

Khloe Kardashian – She put up with Lamar Odom through so much…maybe she put up with too much?

Kim Zolciak – She was all over her football boo…and still is. Buddy needs a break.

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    Drake – He cried himself to sleep over Rih- oh, wait…we’re doing women! Forgot. Moving along.

    Gloria James – She’s letting this Lambo dude all up in her house and slob down her son without batting an eye.

    Fantasia – She threw her whole life and damn near her career away for Anwaun…and he was a nobody smh.

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