R.I.P.: 10 Things You May Not Have Known About Tupac

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Little-Known Facts About Tupac

Tupac Shakur died 17 years ago today after being shot multiple times in Las Vegas.

As one of the most influential names in Hip-Hop, Pac’s legacy is set in stone. That’s why we still mourn his passing.

For some of you younger people out there or people who may not remember him, here are some lesser known facts about Tupac Shakur.

His Ashes Got Smoked – The Outlawz, his homies, smoked his ashes after he died. Yeah, that’s weird.

He’s Actually From New York – Tupac was born in New York before actually moving to California. Ironic, no?

He Started As A Backup Dancer – Yup, Pac was shucking and jiving for Digital Underground before getting his first rap break.

His Real Last Name Isn’t Shakur – Shakur is his adopted stepfather’s last name, not his birth name.

Madonna – He chopped her down and she wanted his baby.

Who’s The Boss? – His best friend who sent him letters while he was in jail was Tony Danza of all people.

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    Jail Win – He’s the first Billboard artist to have a number one album while in jail.

    Illuminati? – Pac actually said the Illuminati wasn’t real. At least one person had sense.

    The Name – Tupac Amaru is a reference to the last Inca ruler of Peru from the 16th century.

    Gun Control – Pac was inspired to rap by his best friend who was killed while playing with a gun, thus his first song being about gun control.

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