Privacy: Questions These Celebrities Refuse To Answer

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Questions These Celebrities Won’t Answer

Celebrities value their privacy. Even though many of them are tremendous attention slores,  they still have desires to keep certain things private.

These celebrities refused to answer these specific questions that people are dying to know.

Vin Diesel – He won’t talk about what his exact race is. For some reason.

Janelle Monae – She won’t go into detail about if she’s a lesbian or not.

Jay Z – Jigga used to never tell anyone about Beyonce as if she were just a lowly jumpoff.

Rick Ross – He gets his boobies in a bunch if you bring up his P.O. days. He is very vague about it as you can imagine.

Chris Brown – He’s an open book these days, but ask him anything about Rihanna a few years ago and you had it coming.  

Nicki Minaj – She’ll rap about it but she won’t talk about her butt shots.

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    Rihanna – She is pretty open but won’t go into her relationship or lack thereof with Ashton Kutcher. That’s a no-no.

    Taylor Swift – She refuses to talk about Justin Bieber…for whatever reason.

    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart – He won’t ever talk about getting dirty dogged by his boo.

    LeBron James – No Delonte/momma talk for Bron Bron.

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