Badgal Rih-Rih: A HIstory Of Rihanna Twitter Feuds

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Bad Girl: A HIstory Of Rihanna Twitter Feuds

Rihanna is always one for drama. Always. And it always seems to pop up in her Twitter feed. Check out these memorabl feuds that all had Rih-Rih as a common denominator.  

rihanna and amanda

vs. Amanda Bynes – Amanda popped up out of nowhere and started slandering Rihanna before she made some jokes about Celebrity Rehab.

ciara rihanna

vs. Ciara –They went at it for a while and then passive aggressively apologized before going back to hating each other.

rihanna and chris brown

vs. Chris Brown – They had a pretty messy back and forth cyber beef that has lasted years. And most of it has been on Twitter.


vs. Teyana Taylor – This latest is just another notch in Rih’s Twitter belt.


vs. Karrueche – Remember Rih Rih putting the shades on Karrueche? Shots fired.


vs. Instagrammers – Rihanna (and her family) will go in and bully people who try to slander her pictures. So beware!

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    vs. Jessie J – Jessie J sent shots at Rihanna by saying “I’m bored… Maybe I should get naked and smoke and take pictures of myself and post them on instagram? Or NOT… *rolls eyes*” Rihanna never responded.

    rihanna 16

    vs. The Daily Mail – The paper published a non-flattering story about Rih Rih so she clapped back by posting an unflattering picture of the writer and going in.

    Rihanna pictured leaving her hotel in a happy and playful mood in London

    vs. Kendall Jenner – Jenner said she’d be mad if Rihanna doesn’t perform her favorite song at one of her concerts and Rihanna said “well, don’t come.” Bwaaahahaha.

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