Just Say No: Athletes Who Had Major Drug Or Alcohol Problems

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Athletes With Drug Problems

Lamar Odom is all in the news for his crazy drug problems. He’s being accused of smoking crack. But you already knew that.

What you may not know is that plenty of other athletes have had serious drug issues as bad as Lamar’s alleged addiction. Here they are…

Ricky Williams – He smoked so much greenery that it had him kicked out of the league for a while.

Mike Tyson – He just admitted to never having sobered up even though he said he was for a while.

Lawrence Taylor – Drugs. Prostitutes. He was living the life.

Michael Irvin – He got arrested for ordering tons of coke for a birthday party, and it almost ruined his career.

Michael Phelps – His piff puffing put him in the public spotlight.

Andre Agassi – He got suspended from tennis for doing meth. Meth. Man.

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    Allen Iverson – He got arrested for Mary Jane possession and did community service to get out of it.

    Daryl Strawberry – He had one of the most notorious drug binges in sports history and couldn’t stay out of jail.

    Rasheed Wallace – He and the rest of the Portland Jail Blazers were always in trouble with green green.

    Dwight Gooden – He missed the whole 1995 season after he got busted for doing more drugs.

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    Chris Carter – He had a drug and alcohol problem but cleaned himself up in time to have a great career.

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    Len Bias – He OD’d on his draft night and passed away even though he was looking to be one of the greatest players ever.

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    Josh Hamilton – His career fell apart for eight years thanks to drug and alcohol abuse.

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    Marcus Camby – Just a year after being drafted into the league he was arrested for marijuana possession.

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    Josh Gordon – He’s failed the NFL’s drug program a few times and is in jeopardy of losing his career.

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    Nate Newton – He got busted with Mary Jane and spent two years in a federal jail.

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