Financial Turmoil

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Bossip recently interviewed Damon Dash were he discussed his paper situation. Although Dash said his finances are fine, the New York Post says something different:

The records show that hip-hop mogul Damon Dash – whose estimated $50 million fortune bought him a chauffeur-driven $400,000 Maybach sedan, diamond-encrusted watches and more than 1,000 pairs of sneakers – owes the state more than $2 million.

Dash, 36, is one of almost 225,000 city debtors who together have shortchanged the city and state more than $1 billion in income taxes, penalties and interest, the records show.

Dame better pay up, SMH. Cicely Tyson and Ben Vereen are on the list as well.


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  • iluvprada


  • txshawty

    1st after the 1st? lol

  • Bahama Mama

    he better go head and make up with Jigga and make a State Property 3!lmao

  • Bahama Mama


    Imma need u to put on ur thinkin cap for this.

    2nd from the bottom 3rd room.

  • Ass wholes aka modern day negros

    The NY post is a tabloid for all you NON nyers.

  • Melissa

    Go ahead Dame and stick it to the middle class by not paying your damn taxes. The working middle class pays more taxes than anybody and every time these millionaires don’t pay their taxes they stick it to us even more trying to make up the difference.

    We would all be in jail right now not paying our taxes.

  • DM

    Sucks to you. Should have married a black woman.

  • amanda

    He was said to be fond of internet recently. Some of his female fans found him on a millionaire&celebs dating club He has a personal account there with his handsome pictures, blog…In his friend circle, some other stars can be found there. Of course, many hot girls join in his circle. One of girls there said that they often joked, even flirt with each other.

  • DPrez

    Ben Vereen us Ushers pops.

  • Baby Please
  • JawJa Swag


  • nahnah

    that is what he gets for buying 1,000 pairs of sneakers.

  • Say What?

    Mr Dash,

    If this is at all true, PLEASE PAY YOUR BILLS FIRST.

    You know before you spend $135K on a CAR.


  • sitfu

    I agree, not a good look. Pay ya bills….shut the fugg up about ya loot and get off the public radar homie.

    Taking a Closer Look at the Stories Ignored

    by the Mainstream Media

  • MarieDaGuru

    All of u guys are right. But why they gotta put the brotha pick right on the TOP? Dang…

  • It'smesuprise

    was it neccessary for them to list the deaceased Jam Master Jay? Death and taxes….

  • MarieDaGuru

    oh I see now. I guess ’cause he owes the most. lol

  • N-Qui-Sa-Tive


  • jazzyphile

    These so-called business men/women in Hip Hop were never really business people. Basically, they just jumped on the Hip Hop jugernaut where business deals were flying everywhere. At one point just about any have way hot rapper could put out a clothing line and call him/herself a designer. Just about any rapper could put out a sneeker and call themself an entrepenure.

    Hip Hop was just hot and people were making money who werern’t really business trained. These guys never even graduated from high school.

    Now that Hip Hop is not as hot, “the chickens have come home to roost.” Now these guys really have to be business savy in order to hold on to their fortunes.

    A lot of these guys are going to go broke as the goose (Hip Hop) that laid the golden egg (people stacking cheese everywhere) is dead (records sales are in the toilet).

  • Bronx Brawler

    Dame said “Real thorough Harlem cats don’t pay taxes” Stanley Crouch is busy trying to be accepted by NY’s White power elite but doesn’t pay taxes.

  • troof

    stanley crouch is on there, lol thats the brother that tries to air us out in the daily news, lol


    Hell, most major players don’t pay taxes and that includes corporations. Y’all the ones being conditionted to do so and like little sheep, y’all just go straight to the pasture to be slaughered.

  • NubianGoddez

    Sigh….. why won’t these negros pay their taxes don’t they know yt is just waiting to do a Red Foxx on dat azz.

  • jazzyphile

    Corporation may get away without paying taxes. Believe me, the IRS will eventually catch up with these entertainer types and breakem’ down like salt on a snail. Can I say: Red Toxx, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peabo Bryson, Ronald Isley, etc.

  • Josephine

    Does anyone live in New York here? Think New York will make Jeter pay 10 million dollars in taxes? A lot of people i talk to said New York tax office is being unfair to Jeter and he should not have to pay because he plays for the Yankees and he’s perfect. I guess only the poor need to pay taxes and not Derek Jeter. I live in Atlanta just wondering if anyone else know about this.

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