Perfect Woman? Survey Picks Who Has The Best Body Parts (Hint: No Black Women SMH)

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Men Pick Best Celebrity Body Parts

The folks at Hollywood Scoop held a survey to decide who has the best body parts of all celebrities to create the perfect woman. And, as you can imagine, they picked all White body parts and neglected the Black women. SMH. Whatever. That’s why the perfect woman looks like pure nightmare fuel.

Here are their it’s your turn to pick the best body parts. Tell us which Black women have the best body parts to pick the perfect woman.

Legs: Jennifer Aniston

Tig Ol Bitties: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Abs: Gwen Stefani

Curves: Sofia Vergara

Arms: Jennifer Aniston

Hair: Sofia Vergara

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    Eyes: Zooey Deschanel

    Smile: Kate Middleton

    Eyebrows: Megan Fox

    Victoria Beckham: Jawline

    Nose: Scarlett Johansson

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