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It’s that time of year when thirsty Homecoming texts get sent, lies get told and thousands of HBCU alumni flock to their alma maters for a drunken debauchery-filled weekend. For the next several Saturdays, HBCU alums will blow their rent money on new outfits, reconnect with undergrad boos, have late night Drake moments and network. Most exciting time of the year? No question.

Here are the BEST HBCU Homecomings. Take a look.


Two prestigious HBCUs. One Homecoming. Twice the fun, especially on the yard where anything—and everything—can happen at any time in broad daylight. For the husband-thirsty ladies, there’s a whole school worth of educated men to choose from and vice versa during one of ATL’s biggest weekends.

Howard University

It’s the quintessential HBCU Homecoming destination with the world-famous Yard Fest, endless celebrity appearances, legendary parties and can’t miss concerts all happening in always enjoyable D.C.


ONLY A&T grads believe their beloved alma mater has the “Greatest Homecoming on Earth” but it’s mostly overrated. Fun? Absolutely, with daytime twerking on the yard, beautiful people with infectious school pride, good eats and a star-studded concert but it’s also in FarFromEveryoneAndEverything, NC.

Florida A&M

Watching 47-year-old fathers, husbands, Deacons and High School Principals relive their Drum Major glory days by hitting splits during the Homecoming game is priceless. Best band/Homecoming game experience and the trillest parties? Yep, FAMU.

Hampton University

The prestigious (and famously-bourgeoisie) institution has the most beautiful women of any HBCU, world-famous bazaar with delicious fish sammiches and a newly wet campus with turnt tailgates but
lacks the overall fun factor/enjoyable events of the more popular Homecomings.

Clark Atlanta University

It’s treated like the red-headed, blind, deaf, crippled step-child of the AUC (Atlanta University Center) but always has a poppin’ Homecoming that’s the same weekend as Spelhouse’s this year.

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Alabama State University

The small Montgomery school’s Homecoming (or Turkey Day Classic) is truly an event where thousands from across the state and surrounding areas come to party, fellowship and scarf down countless southern delicacies.

Southern University

That glorious feeling in your soul when you blast Boosie at ignorant levels? That’s how Southern’s Homecoming feels from Friday to Sunday. Turn down in Baton Rouge? Never.

South Carolina State University

You wouldn’t think a school hidden in Orangeburg, SC (WHERE?) would be this TURNT, but it is, and has one of the most slept-on Homecomings in the nation.

Morris Brown “College”

How a notoriously-dysfunctional school that’s barely open with 37 students and no football team has a truly enjoyable Homecoming, we’ll never know, but they TURN UP at MoB and have several proud alumni-planned events.

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