Athletes & Hoes: Floyd Mayweather’s Shady Sidechick Steals 8 Rolexes And $10,000 From Him In Planned Robbery!

- By Bossip Staff


If Princess Love had the number one spot among all the women on “The Money Team,” why would she be motivated to jeopardize that spot by robbing Floyd? It’s believed that Mayweather puts the women who work with him on contract, and part of the agreement is that the jewelry (and we’re assuming all gifts in general) are returned to him once the relationship ends. That might also explain why 50 Cent termed all the lavish gifts Princess Love shared on Instagram “repo” items.

According to a source, this might not be the first time Princess Love has done something like this. We’re told that years ago, she had a boyfriend who stashed large amounts of cash at her home, and that money went missing.

This is just another reminder that you can never be too careful, especially when you’ve reached the stature of someone like Mayweather.

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