Light-Skinned Rapper Problems: A Gallery Of Drake’s Ex-Boos Mentioned On Songs

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You either love and respect Drake’s vulnerability as an artist or hate that he kisses and tells millions about his stressful love life. Either way, he’s built a massive fanbase off late-night drunk text anthems/side chick music as Hip-Hop’s “light-skinned Keith Sweat.”

Here’s a photo gallery of Drizzy Drake’s ex-boos mentioned on songs. Take a look.

Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree

“The one that I needed was Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree/I’ve always been feelin’ like she was the piece to complete me” – “From Time”

Keshia Chante

“What up Tessa (Keshia’s mother), I love you like my own mama/And your daughter’s getting grown, mama/And me, I’m just here working, waiting/patient for her to be ready to love and leave alone drama” – “Deceiving”

Alisha Phillips

“Wise words from a decent man/Back when I was trying to put a ring on Alisha hand/This lost boy got fly without Peter Pan” — “Successful”

Bria Myles

“Now it’s therapeutic blowin’ money in the Galleria/Or Beverly Center Macy’s where I discovered Bria” — “From Time”

Catya Washington

“Alisha, Catya, I know that you gon’ hear this/I’m the man, yeah I said it/B****, I’m the man, don’t you forget it” — “Shot For Me”

Bonus: “This song remind me of Cat from Philly, a girl I used to love/Until she started acting silly, her heart’s a little chilly” — “Good Girls Go Bad”

Maliah Michel

“Someone tell Maliah I’m on fire, she should work tonight/Call the King of Diamonds and tell Chyna it’d be worth the flight/I’ll be at my table stackin’ dollars to the perfect height/Work somethin, twerk somethin basis/She just tryna make it so she’s right here gettin’ nekkid/I don’t judge her but I could never love her/Cause to her I’m just a rapper and soon she’ll have met another” — “Miss Me”

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    Serena Williams

    “I’m with my whole set, tennis matches at the crib/I swear I could beat Serena when she playin’ with her left” — “Worst Behavior”


    “It’s like ’09 in your basement and I’m in love with Nebby/And I still love her but it fell through because I wasn’t ready” — “Look What You’ve Done”

    Erika Lee (from “Marvin’s Room”)

    “Yeah, okay/We made it to America /I remember when I used to stay with Erika” — “Champion”


    “It’s like ’06 in your backyard and I’m in love with Jade, and I’m still in love cause when it’s that real it just doesn’t fade” — “Look What You’ve Done”

    Rosemary & Leanne Sealey

    “They say that all your old girls got somebody new/I said, “Damn, really? Even Rosemary? Even Leanne Sealey?”/They said, “Fawking right, they were the first to go,” it’s nothing personal” — “Club Paradise”

    “Rita (Ora?)”

    “What about that girl Rita down in Basque/In L.A., swear I would’ve never cheated on your a**” — “Still Drake”


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