Poor Rice Cakes: Karrueche’s Most Disrespected Moments

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Karrueche Getting Disrespected

Karrueche is one of the most disrespected celebrities around. All she did was fall in love with Chris Brown and now he treats her like trash and his ex does too. Baby girl stays slandered, cheated on and left. Here are the worst examples.

The Rice Cake Pic – Rih Rih posted this pic of Karrueche as a straight up diss over Breezy.

Breezy and Rihanna Make Music – Chris Brown and Rihanna were making music together in the same studio while Karrueche was still supposed to be with him. Damn.

Tattoo Removal – Chris Brown got his tattoo of Karrueche removed…sheesh.

The Sad Video – Chris Brown put out a video about how he can’t choose between Rihanna and Karrueche…damn.

Choosing Rihanna – In the end, he chose Rihanna over Karrueche and dated her…until that fell apart.

One Night Jumpoff – While Rih Rih was still with Breezy, he was enlisting Karrueche as his secret jump off. No respect.

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    The Getback – After dropping Rih Rih, he picked up and got back with Karrueche because she was just a reserve chick.

    The Break Up – And finally, they broke up…with Breezy dropping her from his Twitter followers. Hopefully ending the shade.

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