No Means No: 9 Celebs Accused Of Sexual Assault

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The key to a celebrity staying out of trouble is watching the company they keep. You take a chick home and the next thing you know… She says you did her dirty. Here are 9 celebrity men who have been accused of sexual assault or battery.

Nick Young

Philadelphia 76ers star Nick Young was sued for sexual assault by a woman who claimed he slipped her the date rape drug in her drink. Nick denied the allegations on Instagram.

Sean Kingston

Sean and his entourage were accused by a then drunk teenager of gang rape in his hotel room back in 2010. Sean denied the allegations on Twitter saying to “not believe the hype” and that he is a “child of God.” The incident however, got him booted from a Canadian concert.

Mack Maine

Mack was charged with sexual battery and assault after groping a woman and punching her friend in the face on Lil’ Wayne’s tour bus following a concert in Oklahoma City. Mack turned himself into the Oklahoma County detention center and was released.

Cee Lo Green

A woman alleged Cee Lo took her to a downtown L.A. restaurant and slipped ex pills in her drink. Next thing she knew, she woke up naked lying next to him. The D.A. rejected the sexual assault charge because there were holes in her story, but charged him with pushing ex pills.

Mendeecees Harris

Mendeecees was charged with sexual assault after a 15-year-old girl accused him of making her watch freaky flicks, exposing his peen and forcing her to perform sloppy toppy. He was cleared of those charges.

John Travolta

A cruise ship worker accused John of sexual assaulting him back in 2009. John has denied these allegations and claimed the man made it up.

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    Mike Tyson

    A 25-year-old woman accused Mike of sexually assaulting her in an Indianapolis hotel back in 1991. He was convicted and served three years in jail although he denied her accusations.

    Lawrence Taylor

    Lawrence was accused of sexual assault by a teenager who said he ignored signs she was a teen runaway while chopping her down. A jury rejected the woman’s claims after deliberating for an hour and sided with Lawrence.

    Tupac Shakur

    In November 1993 Tupac and his entourage were accused of sexually assaulting a woman in his hotel room–which he denied. He was cleared of the sodomy charges, but was convicted of “unwanted touching of the buttocks.” He was sentenced to one to four years in jail and served part of his sentence.

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