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Justify My Thug: Reasons Why President Obama Should Put The GOP In Their Place

Election season is coming to a close and d-day is around the corner, so naturally the GOP is pulling out all of the stops and doing anything they can to paint the President and those around him in the worst light humanly possible.

But incase you haven’t been paying attention, they’ve gotten more than a little out of pocket this time around and it seems to just keep getting worse as the days go by.

In fact, it’s gotten so bad lately that we would turn the other cheek if the President just decided to go straight up south side Chi-town on these Republican ratchets and start smackin fools for getting out of line and being downright disrespectful.

Yes, we know that that won’t happen. But if it did, here are a few 100% justifiable reasons why we would totally understand..

Pat Buchanan called him a “Drug Dealer of Welfare.”

His wife has been threatened with death, depicted as a slave and insulted in just about every racist way possible

GOP officials in Kansas tried to have his name COMPLETELY removed from the November voting ballot.

A black woman was openly referred to as an animal and had nuts thrown at her during the RNC Convention.

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He was told to buy First Lady Michelle Obama “a double-banana sundae and take her back to Kenya” for her birthday.

A former Republican governor radical told the world that the President couldn’t create jobs because he spent too much time blazin’ up.

The Republican presidential candidate that they’ve choosen to run against him continues to prove that he is indeed not smarter than a fifth grader.

This happened.

And so did this….

..And this.


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