10 Musicians Who Only Rely On Publicity Stunts

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10 Musicians Who Need Publicity Stunts To Sell Records

Kendrick Lamar is such a refreshing artist for one main reason: he lets his music speak for itself. Rarely is he in the middle of drama and slore-y activities to promote his music. Other artists aren’t so lucky. These celebrities rely solely on attention sloring to get attention and it’s wearing thin on us.

lupe in hooska

Lupe Fiasco – He goes on wild, stupid Twitter rants every time he has an album coming…he even had a protest for Lazers.


Joe Budden – Wonder when Joe Budden is going to drop another album? He’s going to go in on whatever ex he upset.


50 Cent – Whenever Fiddy drops an album, he starts a big feud with a rapper that will only lead to more attention and bad press. Naturally.


Kid Cudi – More rants, threats of retirement and who knows what else.


Wale – When Wale drops an album, he goes on a sad sack Twitter rant about how nobody understands him.

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Miley Cyrus – Clearly.

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    Gucci mugshot

    Gucci Mane – His incredible tweets are all part of his way of dropping a new album…or something.

    Keyshia Neffe feat

    Keyshia Cole – Another one who can’t stay off the Twitter attention-sloring to promote an album.


    Kanye West – While he doesn’t JUST slore to promote his album, he definitely does things to grab attention for his sales.

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