For The Ladies: Some Celeb Men – Minus Shirts!

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Would you hit? We’d like to think we’re very equal opportunity around the Bossip offices. So as much as we treat the guys to their fair share of ogle worthy celeb ladies, we thought it was only right to give the girls something to look at too.

Hit the flip for some real viewing pleasure.

Hosea Chanchez

We love this shot Hosea Chanchez posted over the weekend

Chris Brown

Breezy posted a gang of shots like these before deleting his Instagram and starting with a fresh slate


Diddy isn’t shy about showing off

Michael B. Jordan

We’ve got no complaints about this Hollywood star’s upper body

The Rock

Ladies do you prefer, a more muscular man like The Rock?

Dwyane Wade

The Miami Heat star has been spotted on Instagram straight flexin’ a few times.

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    Omar Slimm White

    Now we understand Vivica Fox’s tears over her ex!


    This R&B star is super cut


    Papi’s ain’t scurred to show y’all what he’s workin’ wit

    Bow Wow

    Are you feelin’ Bow Wizzle’s bawwwwwdy?


    Romeo is always ready to show off shirtless

    Serge Ibaka

    This is the chest Keri Hilson lays her head on


    We still got it bad for Usher

    Justin Bieber

    Justin seems to never have a shirt on these days

    Kevin Hart

    Heartthrob or nah?

    Chad Johnson

    Is Chad Johnson your kinda chocolate?

    Luke James

    Ladies, could Luke James hit?

    Leigh Bush

    Sammie’s all grown up and got a new body to go with his new name

    Rick Ross

    If you’re into big guys, Ross rocks out topless with plenty confidence.


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