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Celebrities Who Are Notoriously Cheap

We think of celebrities with a lot of money always being ready to drop tons of cash for whatever they want. While some rich celebrities are always spending their money, others are pretty cheap and are going to be rich forever. Here are some of those cheap celebrities.

Tiger Woods – Maybe having to give half his bread to his ex-wife has made him want to hold on to his money…which would explain why he’s a notoriously bad tipper and only gave one of his mistresses half a Subway sandwich.

Michael Jordan – He’s written that he’s one of the strictest bill splitters of all time. Don’t expect him to even keep that glass of Coke on his tab.

Usher – He left his autograph as a tip once.

Paul McCartney – He made people buy their own drinks at a party he threw for his wife.

Tyra Banks – She admits to taking shampoo and lotion from hotels because she’s always been frugal according to her.

Leonardo DiCaprio – He only owns one car: a Prius. He’s one of the most modest celebrities around.

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Paris Hilton – She wastes ton of money but ducks out on small tabs and refused to pay a storage fee that led to all kinds of embarrassing stuff of hers getting found.

Teri Hatcher – She lives in a modest house and keeps her cars for 10 years each even though she made $400,000 an episode.

Eminem – He also lives a modest life with his kids in quiet Detroit.

Chad OchoCinco – He still eats at McDonald’s. Eff what ya heard. <



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