Honorary Blackness: 10 White Celebs Who Were Given A “Black Pass”

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A few days ago, Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito was a stone-cold racist who bullied teammate Jonathan Martin. Now Dolphins players claim he was an “honorary Black man” in the locker room who isn’t racist. More sad than anything, no one white person should have all the power (and racial ignorance) that a “Black pass” gives them.

Here are ten white celebs who were given a “Black pass.” Take a look.

Bill Clinton

The iconic politician was widely-praised as the “first Black President” who won the hearts of Black America with an infectious swag and undeniable charm.

Justin Timberlake

JT has a platinum “Black pass” that allowed him to rock glittery cornrows freely and dominate a 99% Black music genre (R&B).


Before rising to Pop stardom, Pink was a sassy Black woman who dropped a “Hoodrat&B” album on LaFace Records.

Robin Thicke

He evolved from Soulful White Jesus to one of the “Blackest” white crooners in music.

Gwyneth Paltrow

You know when white people say they can’t be racist because their best friend is Black? Well, Gwyneth’s BFF is Beyonce so yea…

Oh, Gwyneth.

Jason “White Chocolate” Williams

“White Chocolate” was a national obsession in his prime who broke down defenders and made impossible passes with ease. Top 5 coolest white boy ever? No question.

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    Teena Marie

    The legendary siren with the chocolate soul is one of a few who deserved a lifetime “Black pass.”

    Michael McDonald

    The beloved Blue-Eyed Soul crooner had a timeless voice that Black women (including your mama) couldn’t resist.

    Paul Wall

    The sparkly-mouthed rapper had the hottest verse on southern classic “Still Tippin” and helped make gold grills a very real “thing.”

    Riff Raff

    Look at this middle-of-the-mall-jewelry-wearing weirdo. He must be stopped.

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