Slore-y Pros: Reality Show Veterans

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Celebrities In Multiple Reality Shows

Isn’t it great to be on one reality show? No? Well, how about being on TWO reality shows? Or more? These celebrities have damn near gone on to make careers out of their reality lives.

Here are some celebrities who are vets in the reality show game.

Angela and Vanessa Simmons – They were on Run’s House and tried out their own spin-off. Basically, we just wanted more excuses to look at them.

Flavor Flav – He was on the Celebrity House and then got to bang random skanks on his own show.

The Kardashians – They damn near have their own reality show network by now, huh?

Omarosa –We can thank Donald Trump for her many, many reality show appearances.

New York – She started with Flavor of Love then had her own show and it was all struggle.

Ray J – He had his show with Brandy and his own dating show…but why?

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    Karlie Redd – She went from an obscure “Scream Queens” to Love and Hip-Hop.

    Shay Johnson – She went from Flavor of Love to Love and Hip-Hop. Lots of love for Shay…no?

    Tami Roman – Let’s not forget an OG reality show star from the Real World who’s still fighting people on TV 20 years later. The American Dream.

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