KKK-Mart: Companies Accused Of Racism

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10 Companies Accused of Racism

Isn’t it horrible when you hear about a store or company being horrible racists especially after you’ve been giving them your money for ages. These are some of the companies that have been accused of racism…do you support them?

Barney’s – They’re arresting Black people who want to spend money, though? For shame.

Fox News – They’ve been accused of racism ever since they went on air. And it’s probably right.

Abercrombie and Fitch – They’ve been accused of discrimination against their Black employees by asking them to stay in the back of the store.

Tommy Hilfiger – He allegedly said he didn’t want Black people buying his clothes…and it went downhill from there.

Adidas – Rumor has it, they were owned by Nazis. Yikes.

Home Depot – They tweeted out a picture of Black guys drumming with monkeys and it didn’t go well.

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    Volkswagon – Nobody was digging that Jamaican Super Bowl commercial…people thought it was pretty racist.

    BET – Ever since Bob Johnson sold them, some have said they’re just just a ploy to bring Black people down.

    Mountain Dew – They’ve been accused of racist commercials for years and the pattern is making people quite upset.

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