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Most Famous Fake Retirements Of All Time

Retirements are supposed to be joyous occasions when people can end their careers and be happy. However, that doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. These people retired then un-retired. Can’t they just make up their minds? On this 10 year anniversary of Jay Z’s Black Album and fake retirement let’s look some other fake retirements that didn’t last.

Michael Jordan – He retired and came back twice…the second one didn’t work out.

Jay Z – He was supposed to retire after his first album, then in 2003 with the Black Album. But we see what happened then.

Lupe Fiasco – His third album was supposed to be his last but he’s still sloring and rapping.

Muhammad Ali – He tried to retire a few times before coming back…and fight for too long.

Evander Holyfield – He needed money so he kept unretiring and boxing.

Amanda Bynes – She retired from acting then came back…and no one cared.

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George Foreman – He came back from retirement and won a championship when he was damn near 50.

Azealia Banks – She retired and unretired in a matter of minutes on Twitter.

Joaquin Phoenix – He fake retired from acting but he was acting the whole time. Confused?

50 Cent – Fiddy said he’d retire if Kanye outsold him in 2007…but that didn’t work out and he kept rapping.



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