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Did y’all know Mendeecees two youngest sons were born less than a year apart? We wonder how Mona Scott managed to leave that detail off the air, hmmmm? Well the cat is out of the bag now cuz Erika, the mother of Mendeecees middle child Aasim took to Instagram to throw some daggers after Monday night’s episode of “LHHNY” where she decides not to do business with Amina because she knowingly homewrecked Tara and Peter’s family.

Well damn… Yandy, you got some splainin’ to do!!!

Hit the flip for more details.

When we first learned that Mendeecees would be making frequent appearances on Love & Hip-Hop NY last season we wondered how producers would spin the situation of Yandy being pregnant while his baby’s mom Erika was also dealing with a young baby at home, but thus far it’s been handled by not introducing his son Aasim at all. In the meantime though Yandy spends a good deal of on camera time with Mendeecees older son little Mendeecees.

That’s got to be tough.

Looks like Aasim was born in late August/early September 2011

Meanwhile Yandy and Mendeecees son Omere was born Summer 2012. So was Yandy knowingly homewrecking Erika’s happy home??? Or are we supposed to believe he wasn’t still dealing with them both at the same damn time?

Cuz that one gets the boo boo face.

And apparently this is only the latest instance of Erika venting via Instagram…

Not that we blame her.

Update: Erika has made her Instagram private, but sources close to her say that her original post was not directed at Yandy and that the two have a good relationship she just doesn’t want her child on TV. Y’all can understand that right?


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