Low Blows: The Dirtiest Tactics Celebrities Used During Feuds

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Dirtiest Tactics Celebrities Used In Feuds

Usually, feuds are supposed to stay above the belt. Unfortunately, things get a little out of hand as some people go for the jugular. These celebrities went too far in their tactics and we hope they feel bad about it.

Tupac – He went way too far and chopped down Biggie’s wife…allegedly. Then he rapped about it.

Jay and Nas – Jigga told the world he chopped down Nas’ baby momma and even Jay’s mom made him apologize.

Kobe Bryant – When he was questioned by police about taking the hoo-ha in Denver, he told the police that Shaq does that sort of stuff all the time. Caught snitching on camera, Kobe?

Ja Rule – He said that Eminem’s daughter would grow up to be a slore because Em’s wife and mother were. Too much.

50 Cent pt. 1 – He took Rick Ross’ baby momma on a shopping spree and released her dirty video. Is it that serious?

50 Cent pt 2 – Fiddy released an audio of Young Buck crying over his money on the phone. It made everyone uncomfortable.

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    The Game – Did he really need to put out a video of him jumping his enemies? No, probably.

    Ray J – “I Hit It First” is as jacked up a low blow possible.

    Kat Stacks – She put out a video of Soulja Boy with yayo on his dresser in order to get back at him.

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