Low Blows: The Dirtiest Tactics Celebrities Used During Feuds

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Jay-Z and Nas - Moet Rose Lounge Presents Nas' Life Is Good at Bagatelle

Dirtiest Tactics Celebrities Used In Feuds

Usually, feuds are supposed to stay above the belt. Unfortunately, things get a little out of hand as some people go for the jugular. These celebrities went too far in their tactics and we hope they feel bad about it.

tupac faith biggie

Tupac – He went way too far and chopped down Biggie’s wife…allegedly. Then he rapped about it.

Jermaine Dupri, producer No I.D., and rapper Jay-Z attend Moet Rose Lounge Presents Nas' Life Is Good

Jay and Nas – Jigga told the world he chopped down Nas’ baby momma and even Jay’s mom made him apologize.


Kobe Bryant – When he was questioned by police about taking the hoo-ha in Denver, he told the police that Shaq does that sort of stuff all the time. Caught snitching on camera, Kobe?

'I'm In Love With A Church Girl' screening

Ja Rule – He said that Eminem’s daughter would grow up to be a slore because Em’s wife and mother were. Too much.


50 Cent pt. 1 – He took Rick Ross’ baby momma on a shopping spree and released her dirty video. Is it that serious?


50 Cent pt 2 – Fiddy released an audio of Young Buck crying over his money on the phone. It made everyone uncomfortable.

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    game featured

    The Game – Did he really need to put out a video of him jumping his enemies? No, probably.


    Ray J – “I Hit It First” is as jacked up a low blow possible.

    Kat Stack surgery

    Kat Stacks – She put out a video of Soulja Boy with yayo on his dresser in order to get back at him.

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