ChitChatter: Michael B. Jordan Says He’s Never Had a Girlfriend And Karma Keeps Him From Being A Dirty Dog

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Michael, what girlfriend? Hey boo!

Michael B. Jordan Talks Dating

Via UB Magazine reports:

Actor Michael B. Jordan is still getting lots of buzz and accolades for his starring role in the critically acclaimed film “Fruitvale Station,” and since there’s Oscar buzz surrounding the film of course Oprah has managed to get him to agree to sit down and chat it up with her on the upcoming episode of “Oprah’s Next Chapter.”

In the upcoming episode, Oprah asks Jordan about his new-found success and of course she had to ask the young actor about his love life. That’s when he revealed that he has never had a girlfriend. But he also expressed that having a sister makes it extremely hard for him to be out here breaking hearts. He says:

“I’ve done pretty well in the female department growing up.

“It’s crazy. I’ve never had a girlfriend for the most part.

“I’ve had girls that I’ve dated that I’ve had deep feelings for over the years but I believe in karma. I have a sister. I never wanted to do females wrong. You can’t act like that.”

Jordan then goes on to tell Oprah that he has made it a point in his life to treat every woman he encounters the same way he would want men to treat his sister.

How do you not love Michael B. Jordan??

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