Breaking Down Beyonce And Jay Z's Love Of 4

Illuminati Files: Breaking Down Beyonce And Jay Z’s Obsession With The Number 4

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Breaking Down Beyonce And Jay Z’s Love Of 4

Beyonce and Jay Z are all about subliminal messages in their music and videos. None more prominent than their use of the number four. It’s all over the place.

Actually, the number four is considered terribly bad luck in some Asian cultures because how much it sounds like “death.” Anyway, here are some of their obsessions with the number.

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Birthdays: Tina Knowles – 1/4/54. Beyonce – 9/4/81. Jay – 12/4/69.

Destiny’s Child Originally Had Four Members

Beyonce’s 2011 Album Name: 4

They Have Matching ‘IV’ Tattoos On Their Fingers

Blue Ivy: ‘IV’ is the Roman Numeral for four. Also “Blue” has four letters.

Beyonce’s Album Released On December 13th. One + Three = Four.

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Beyonce’s new album also has 14 tracks.

Vegans – Bey and Jay are going to be vegan for 22 days. 2 + 2 isssss…?

Jigga – Jay Z just turned 44 and he’s expressed a desire to do something major for it…



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