10 People Who Don't Deserve Christmas Presents

Lumps Of Coal: 10 People Who Don’t Deserve Isht For Christmas

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10 People Who Don’t Deserve Christmas Presents

Tomorrow is Christmas. That means so many people are getting gifts. But that also means some people aren’t. Or at least they don’t deserve any gifts. Want to know 10 people especially who don’t deserve gifts? Here they are. Take a look.

Peter Gunz – He’s the biggest dirty dog on reality TV…or at least damn close to it.

Lamar Odom – Drug addiction and a ruined family? Yup. He’s good on gifts.

Paula Deen – Ol racist a$$ Paula won’t be getting anything.

Target – Hating on Beyonce? NO COUNTRY!

Aaron Hernandez – So he may or may not have killed a guy. Not the best look.

The Zimmerman Jury (And George Zimmerman) – You’re all wrong. All of you.

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    Barney’s – They’re trying to profile Black shoppers like that?

    Miley Cyrus – Our eyes still haven’t recovered and they may never.

    Chris Brown – He couldn’t stay in rehab and out of trouble…

    Kenan Thompson – You can’t slander Black women and get away with it. Nope.

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