SMH: Coolio Stage Dives Into Small Crowd & Gets Robbed

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Coolio, who is no longer an agile youth at 45, attempted a stage dive that didn’t turn out as planned. The crowd in England tore all his gear off of him as he flattened a poor woman:

Rapper Coolio was injured during a gig in Stoke-on-Trent, England, after a stage dive into the audience went wrong. The hip-hop star was performing at Staffordshire University’s Students‘ Union on Wednesday night, when he decided to leap into the crowd. But the audience parted, sending the star crashing to the floor. The students them reportedly mobbed the rapper, stealing his bandana, jewelry and shoes before the star was rescued by the venue’s security team. Barman James Fielden, who witness the event, says, “(Coolio) nearly flattened one poor girl. Then all the students decided to launch on him. They grabbed whatever they could, including his trainers, watch, chains and glasses. He was pulled back on stage by the bouncers. They got his shoes back for him.”

Coolio is getting them stacks overseas, and for that we are not mad at him. He needs to stay in his lane, though. LOL


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  • De'Vincent


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  • Christilicious


  • Negrodmaus Believes(Asians dress up as Licensed Drivers for Halloween)

    Negrodamus Believes Michelle Pfeiffer should give pay for damages to his career.

  • cocoa49

    his ass is too old for this lol

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    LOL ha! the crowd parted. Leave all that extra shit alone, it’s a miracle that he is still getting gigs. Show up, perform, get ur check! No crowd surfing!

  • Joline

    He was said to be found at a millionaire & celebrity dating club ____MillionaireLoving. C O M____ not long before, and he was hot there.Quite a few girls and ladies winked to him.

  • bronzedasian

    the picture cracks me up….

  • Mandah! aka Cranberry Sauce...Bossip i hate you! Gravatar, i wont hate you if you let me change my daggone gravie!

    jazz that is one of the worst pics i have seen in my life… and smgdh at the situation.

  • Mandah! aka Cranberry Sauce...Bossip i hate you! Gravatar, i wont hate you if you let me change my daggone gravie!


    LOL ha! the crowd parted. Leave all that extra shit alone, it’s a miracle that he is still getting gigs. Show up, perform, get ur check! No crowd surfing!

    co sign!

  • kahmmillion

    His old ass needs to go sit in time-out somewhere.

  • jb_1030

    What happened to his reality show abou this catering business? I guess it parted ways with the crowd

  • Lady Shady

    oh goodness, how embarassing.

  • ktil58

    bruce almighty’d his ass……lol

  • Grey Poupon


  • blackpride09

    they got video clip of it on youtube. its funny but it goes to show how bad the recession is world wide.

  • blackpride09

    And he was performing that wack ass gangsta paradise song. It was the same place Juelz Santana got jumped and robbed at. I’m telling you the real gangsta are over there so they get a huge kick out of whooping rappers arses. I met this dude that slapped Jay Z in 2002 in Paris and the picture is on the clubs wall.

  • A mess indeed

    Was there REALLY a CROWD to see Coolio?


    DEVICENT GET AT ME!!!!! we need to talk SERIOUSLY



  • barb

    lmao @ a mess indeed…

    maybe thats why he hit the floor…trying to dive into 5 people.

  • Black Beauty

    Oh my goodnees, I hope that he is ok, but this in one of the funniest things that I have read in a long time. LMAO

  • Jo

    Where are his teeth?

  • actright

    And people still pay to see him why??? He is wack, his show was wack and now this…… LMAO!!!! The whole jumping in the audience to play catch is way over!!!!!

  • keyzboston

    That picture is too funny!

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    At 45 Coolio aint f*ckin’ stage dived, that n*gga had a high blood pressure black-out and fell off the stage! N*ggas gave him his shoes back because they were bootleg jordans off ebay. The jewelry went to the aluminum recycle depot and the bandana smelled like old good fred oil!

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