Random Ridiculousness: A Puppy Blows Up Owners’ House After Biting Into An Aerosol Can He Was Playing With!

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Wait, what???

Pet Dog Blows Up Owners’ Home Playing With Deodorant Can

Via NYDailyNews

A bad British puppy is seriously in the dog house after sinking his teeth into a can of deodorant and blowing up his owners’ house.

Adorable whippet cross Zeus, who is just 6-months-old, pierced the can as he rolled around the floor at home in Barnsley, Yorkshire.

He then left it next to a gas fire.

Minutes later, the boiler came on and the can exploded — blowing out floorboards, setting fire to the couch and shattering windows.

Zeus’ owners Kerry Leech, 20, and partner Mathew Heckler, 22, returned home to find firefighters battling the blaze.

Leech, who’d only left the house 10 minutes before the blast, said the couple had received texts from concerned neighbors.

“I was panicking about our pets so we rushed back,” she told The Star, adding, “we thought someone had put something through the letterbox or there had been a gas explosion.”

Luckily Zeus, 2-year-old whippet Sonic and 15-month-old greyhound cross Vinnie all escaped the explosion, along with the couple’s three cats.

The damage has been estimated at $3,300.

Sooo, do you keep the dog after he has literally destroyed your house?

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