Blowing Money Fast: How Much Money Did These Celebrities Spend On Drugs!

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How Much These Celebrities Spent On Drugs

So many of these celebrities out here have serious drug problems. Spoiler alert: it’s expensive. But did you ever wonder how expensive it was? Here’s how much some of these celebrities spent on their bad habits.

Charlie Sheen – He was reported to have spent $2,000 a day on yayo.

Lamar Odom – Reports had him spending $50,000 on the white stuff during his three year binge.

Justin Bieber – Recent reports have him spending $8,000 a week on Mary Jane.

Robin Thicke – He said he’s spent around half a million on bud in his life.

Flavor Flav – He allegedly said he’d spent $2,600 a day for six years, which puts him at close to $6 million.

Scott Storch – He apparently spent between $17 and $30 million on his drug addiction that cost him everything.

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    Wiz Khalifa – One report had him spending $120,000 a year on his Mary Jane.

    Snoop – He said he gets most of his bud for free, but he rolls 81 blunts a day. Geez.

    Steven Tyler – His book said he spent upwards of $20 million, but he said he dropped about six million on yayo.

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