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Towanda set the record straight, once and for all.

This season of “Braxton Family Values” has been markedly different for Towanda Braxton, who came across fairly level headed and generous on the show, even while wrestling with marital issues and the sibling rivalry that the Braxton ladies are known for. But this time around she’s shown a different side, even drawing some criticism recently after she responded to Twitter ribbing from Tamar fans by pointing out her brother-in-law Vince’s rumored financial problems. She’s also been under the microscope for keeping company with Kordell Stewart, whose acrimonious divorce from “Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” Porsha Williams has made him a tabloid regular. With the finale of “Braxton Family Values” airing Thursday, Towanda sat down exclusively with BOSSIP to set the record straight.

BOSSIP: With the third season ending tonight, would you say the show brought you closer or caused more problems?

Towanda Braxton: It allowed us not to sweep things under the rug anymore. It allowed us to look at the real situations and actually deal with them. Quite often in families, not just African-American families either, we tend to sweep things under the rug like “We’ll deal with it later.” But not now. Now we have to deal with them.

How are things with you and Tamar now?

We’re good. I absolutely love my sister even though there are moments of us not getting along. I think everyone has a season of not getting along, and it just so happened this was our season. Last year it was her and Traci.

It’s always Tamar and someone right?

All of our lives it’s been that way. Tamar and Trina, Tamar and Towanda, Tamar and Toni, Tamar and Traci, Tamar and Mikey so… That just comes with the territory about being the baby.

This thing that happened on Twitter, why did you respond after Tamar’s fan called you jealous of her?

I’m so glad you asked. I take a lot. I have tough skin and usually I laugh things off. I just have to admit that a lot of the Tamartians, most of them are extremely disrespectful and I didn’t care that they were attacking me, I didn’t care that they were attacking Andre, what I cared about was when they started attacking my kids. They said ‘I wish Towanda’s kids got raped and run over by a bus.’ See people didn’t see that stuff. They just saw what I wrote. So after that I have to say that was 100% out of character for Towanda to respond, but I wasn’t thinking about what was right and what was wrong at that moment I was just reacting and responding.

Was this even the fan that you responded to that made the comments about your kids?

I don’t even know. I was just reacting. As a parent you don’t even care, you go in defense mode, and that’s where I went.

Where were you when it came on?

Hawaii, and the show was on, so we were Tweeting. We’re very involved.

Tamar was quick to defend you — she was like no shade on my sisters that’s for us, like…

Stay out of it. I didn’t see it. After that I was in Twitter jail. Jail Jail. My publicist called me like get off Twitter, you’re done. Toni was like, “Umba! That’s not you, get off.”

But Tamar didn’t say anything?

She was pissed! Rightfully so. We always have have a sister thread in our messages so we got on that and I was in trouble because it was totally out of character for me, until I explained, “Hey these children are attacking your niece and your nephew.” Then they understood. Like ‘Okay, we get it. We wouldn’t have done it that way but we get it.’

Do you know what the financial situation is now for Vince?

I don’t know if he’s taken care of it or not.

Being that you had seen it on the web, you said check the web.

Thank you so much for saying that because a lot of people are like ‘Towanda, you just blasted the family business!’ I didn’t tell family business. That was already on the web. This was public knowledge before I said anything ladies and gentlemen. I didn’t divulge any secrets of the Braxton family. I don’t do that. It’s just like with the Traci situation, I didn’t say ‘Hey y’all this what’s going on, Traci told me blah blah blah.’ I don’t do that. Allegedly Traci’s husband had a kid out of wedlock — it was on the web, it wasn’t anything I found out from her.

We love the family dynamic, but it seems like Tamar doesn’t take kindly to teasing from you guys.

Tamar is rotten! Love Tamar, but she’s rotten. We created that. We allowed her to say whatever she wanted to say and do whatever she wanted to do that now that we’re trying to create boundaries, she’s like, ‘No, why you trying to do that now that we’re grown?’ Usual family rivalry type situations. It eats away at me when she says, cuz she’s the baby, “My family don’t support me.” I’m like don’t say your family doesn’t support you, say your family doesn’t support you the way you would like them to, because when you found out you might not be able to have a kid I volunteered to carry your baby for you. When Vincent was in the hospital and we didn’t know what was going to happen with him I went up to NY and I was like your personal assistant. I wasn’t trying to be nobody personal assistant at that time but because Tamar needed me at that moment I was there. I mean Etc. Etc. Etc.

Hit the flip for the scoop on what’s going on with Towanda’s personal life, her relationship with Kordell Stewart and her new business ventures.

We see there’s no ring, so is the divorce final?

No the divorce isn’t final. We’re legally separated. He’s there with the kids. I’m so busy, I’m always back and forth. When I’m there I am a hands on mom, but when I’m not home I think it’s important to have another parent there and not having someone else raising your children. Me personally I just don’t agree with that. He’s there with the kids, he loves the kids, some men are financially able to care for their kids but they’re not physically there. He’s physically there. He’s working part-time at AT&T for over a year, but no one knew that. He’s still writing. He just released a new book called “Fried Fish” about a lesbian affair. It’s not about me ladies and gentlemen! He just released it on Amazon.

Do you think it’s over or could you possibly work it out?

I’m not trying to predict the future, but I can say that as of right now this moment today — no.

When the Kordell rumors came out what did he say?

Nothing. We have a good relationship, we can talk about anything. He said, ‘He seems like a nice guy.’

Where did you and Kordell meet?

I met Kordell at an event and I thought he was a nice guy. We’re just friends. Let me just make it clear. We’re definitely friends. Once I met him there, you know when it’s like the beginning stages and you’re trying to get to know a person, it wasn’t a love connection and I think it was partially because of my situation. [Being separated and not divorced.] A lot of guys are like that and that’s where he is.

His divorce was quick…

I have to speak on something that I do know. It wasn’t as quick as everyone thinks.

Porsha said she had no idea…

Did she not know, really? Just sayin’ he my friend. That’s my friend y’all.

There have been all these rumors

Horrible rumors, rumors.

Especially with Porsha being in the media…

I don’t like to say anything negative about anybody else like that. I just think, I wasn’t in their marriage, I can only go by what my friend and I have discussed, it’s a little disheartening that it ended so bitter. Just like my situation. When my divorce is final I’m not going to go out there and say “I thought that he was…” because I didn’t think that when we were together. Why say that when we’re apart? I would never ever ever do that. He’s a really really nice guy and I think people need to see the other side of Kordell.

He doesn’t seem eager to be in front of the camera

He’s not trying to be in the public eye like that. You have to respect that.

How often would you say that you talk to each other and what kind of things do you have in common?

We talk about sports, we talk about families, we talk about relationships. We’re friends, we talk about a lot of things.

And how often? You’re not getting those “Good morning Towanda” text messages?

Could be, could be not… who’s to say? Honest to God at this point we’re friends. Just friends.

But when your divorce is final?

Who knows? Who knows who I might date after that? Because everybody is not comfortable with my situation. When a woman tells you she’s separated, it’s true. Not the same with a man. My mom says the only man who doesn’t cheat is President Obama and right now…

Wait you think Obama?

I would be Olivia Pope for Obama. There’s a lot of women who would be. But I just know that I can’t because first of all my mama would beat me and second, Michelle… You know what I’m saying.

That’s your type?

I just like smart men. I love smart men.

Some women are more about looks or money.

Well I have to be honest, I have to be 100% with you, but you have to think about your offspring sometimes. Not saying you have to be with them forever, but you have to be about your offspring sometimes and our genes match.

So would you have another kid?

Listen, I have a boy and a girl. What else do I need? Tamar says she doesn’t want another kid but if she wanted me to I will carry it for her. Just like I said before, the offer still stands. I love my sisters. Whatever they need I will be there for them.

Did it ever occur that Kordell could be using you for publicity?

If it was anybody else who is flashy, maybe, but not Kordell. He’s not a flashy guy. I want everybody to see the other side of Kordell because there is another side. He’s a really nice guy, I have to respect the fact that he wasn’t comfortable with my situation so we immediately went to the friend zone. But he was diggin’ me… I just want to let the record show he told my friend, “She fine… you gotta hook me up.”

Is there anything else you want people to know?

Just because I’m not flashy and showing everything that I’m doing doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything. Even on the show people don’t really see everything that I’m doing. They don’t know I have a secret squirrel school for personal executive assistants, they don’t see that I’m a silent partner to a company called, a fitness company. I have my own publishing company. I’m the one that published Andre’s book. I have GNO, Girl’s Night Out that is a margarita company. I’m starting another company called WHAM – wardrobe, hair and makeup styling. And I’m acting. I’m doing hosting for ASPIRE, I have two sitcoms on the table, I’m just crossing my fingers because I had two callbacks.

Would you do another reality show, a “Housewives of Atlanta” for instance?

I’ve been asked, about three months ago I was asked, but contractually I can’t. I don’t know. I think that if we ever decided not to do BFV anymore I would probably really focus on my businesses and my acting career.

Well there you have it. You can watch Towanda tonight on the season finale of “Braxton Family Values” at 9pm EST on WeTV.

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