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Doing some strange for a piece of change is big business in Atlanta.

Atlanta’s Underground Sex Trade Is Booming

With all this extra fluid swapping, we see a rise in the Atlanta STD rate soon.

According to Business Insider:

Atlanta, Ga.’s underground commercial sex economy is unusually large, with a lucrative market for street prostitution, according to a new study on sex trafficking and sex work in U.S. cities.

Of 7 major cities profiled by The Urban Institute, only Atlanta and Seattle saw their illegal sex trade grow between 2003 and 2007. The study estimated Atlanta’s market was $290 million by 2007, compared to just $103 million for Washington, D.C.

Since 2005, Atlanta’s pimps have been pulling in an average of $33,000 a week, compared to about $12,000 a week in Dallas and about $11,000 in San Diego.

The problem seems to be particularly bad along “densely urban areas” like Fulton Industrial Boulevard, the study found.

“You’ve got your major rappers from Atlanta come down to Fulton Industrial and shoot videos in the neighborhoods, on the streets, with the girls, and with the pimps and then pay $1,000 for the girls to come in and have sex with them,” one unnamed law enforcement was quoted in the study as saying.

Not everybody pays as much as “rappers from Atlanta.” Here’s more information from the study on pricing structures for street-level and online prostitution:

The typical pricing structure on the street is $50 to $100 for oral sex and $75 to $150 for “full service.” However, drug-addicted sex workers charge as little as $10 for oral sex and $50 for “full service.” Online, sex workers charge from $60 to $100 for 15 minutes and from $250 to $300 per hour for dates.

SMH at the hoes charging only $10 for sloppy toppy. Times are hard.



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