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Is this woman Kordell’s new beard boo?

Kordell Stewart’s New Boo Denies Being His Gay Beard

The internet has been abuzz about a mystery woman named Angel who is supposedly Kordell Stewart’s new “girlfriend and/or beard for the messy”. Atlanta blogger Freddy O got a chance to catch up with Angel to finally put the rumors to bed.

Angel and her attorney Tiffany M. Simmons decided to end all the speculation about her supposed relationship with Kordell, the rumors about Angel’s sexuality and her hairstyle.

To the Bloggers Slandering Angel’s Name:

This is the official and only statement made on behalf of my client whom is referred to as “Angel.” Although, she respects, loves, and has good friends in the LBGT community, she is not the person described in the recent posts made by bloggers who have created a story for coverage rather than tell the truth. The recent posts have been an attempt to ruin her reputation that is built on hard work, love, giving back, and integrity. The two are friends that have spent time together. Please respect my client, her business, family, and privacy. If you have any additional questions concerning this matter please direct them to Simmons Law at 1-888-917-8387.

Additionally, if you do not stop reporting false information then we will proceed legally. If you would like to do business with her since she was put on display contact 404-419-7474.

Thank you,

Tiffany M. Simmons, Esq.

Angel later added:

Recently there was a story printed about me and my good friend Kordell Stewart. It was stated that I was a lesbian, and just for the record that is not true! YES, many of my closest friends are gay/lesbian. I absolutely love them to pieces and you will continue to see us together. People kill me always stereotyping, jumping to conclusions, and assuming things about others. I read comments on certain sites about how I look like a drag queen, a man, and how you all “HATE’ women with bald heads! Well over the last year I watched doctors remove a tumor the size of a 5 month old baby from my mom’s stomach, they removed both of her breasts, and she had chemo therapy, and then had to have a breast augmentation. And guess what??? Her hair is just growing back. It has been an over a year process and the second time she has had cancer. So because I could not endure her pain I choose to shave my head in her honor and designed a beautiful breast cancer symbol in the hair I had left to go through the struggle with her.

Hair is 90% of a women’s security, maybe even more. That’s the LEAST I could do to support her! So next time before you judge a book by its cover, make sure you open the book and read the pages. As far as Kordell is concerned, I would like express the fact that he is amazing, & very respectful person! I would like for everyone to keep in mind that he does have a 10 year old son that he is raising and I have a 17 year old son. They have access to the internet as well as their friends. And although we may try to shield our children from the negativity, rumors, and harsh comments it still can find them one way or another. So please think about that the next time you hit your caps lock to type all of those nasty, non-confirmed, thoughtless rumors from certain “Sources”. Ok? OK!

Angel says she just wants privacy for the sake of her kids and relationship with Kordell but we all knows what happens when anyone is involved with these reality stars. Next thing you know, she’ll be added to the cast of RHOA! Hit the flip to peep more pics of Kordell’s alleged new boo next…

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