Protect Your Edges: A Gallery Of Women Scarred By Lacefronts & Weaves

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Former “Moesha” star Countess Vaughn recently revealed her cringe-worthy experience with lacefront wigs that sparked widespread debate over weave abuse in the Black community. For some, Countess’ terrifying ordeal was merely an “exception” while others expressed legit concern over premium weaves that commonly cause Traction Alopecia, scalp infections and permanent hair loss in women of all ethnicities.


Hit the jump for a gallery of women scarred by lacefronts and weaves.


(Naomi’s edges packed their ish and bounced years ago)

Kimmie K-Los Angeles-WENN

(Kimmie K. balding because of weave abuse? Well…..)

Azealia Banks-London-WENN

(Struggle rapper Azealia Banks)

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    Alexandra Burke-London-WENN

    (British singer Alexandra Burke)

    JazMone-Los Angeles-WENN

    (JazMone from Bad Girls Club 11)


    (Yes, those are tatted edges)

    Make sure your edges are healthy before posting pics on the internet because….well……….




    Weave-scarred and stressed? There’s still hope for you.


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      Thw kace-frint weave is not always a woman’s best friend and in fact it may cause a receding hairline. Oh the price of being breautiful or at least feeling that way.

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