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Jackie, you got some ‘splainin’ to do!

BBWLA Star Jackie Christie Accused Of Faking Relationship With GLAAD, Failing To Pay Invoices

BOSSIP has exclusively obtained a series of emails between Jackie Christie and her former publicist — the same one many of you may remember her beefing with on camera during her “GLADD event” on an episode of “Basketball Wives” that aired two weeks ago.

If you were already raising an eyebrow over the “fundraiser” when Jackie and her lackeys demonstrated their inability to correctly spell GLAAD, these emails should clear things up.

In the first email, dated March 8, Jackie claims her relationship with the gay rights organization has been jeopardized by her publicist:

“This email is at best a huge misrepresentation of facts and it saddens me that somehow my very new relationship with Gladd as well as the Sofitel hotel is at risk because you deem it necessary to wave threats around, and yes, I also have documentation that states what impression I was under… I was only trying to do something for an organization me and my family hold near and dear to our hearts, and that is all…never ever would I use anyone for that matter as collateral damage as you put it.”

We also obtained a response from Jackie’s former publicist dated March 10 which refutes her relationship with GLAAD:

“To clarify, you have never had a “relationship” w/ GLAAD — as our client is their National Spokesperson, my office leveraged our alliance on your behalf and secured the approval of their name/likeness for the event feat in tonite’s episode. If the preview is an indication of how Ep 4 plays out, “huge misrepresentation” is the only explanation for all that transpired that evening compared to the “classy fundraiser” you promised during pre-production w/ Shed Media. Perhaps it is your definition of “classy” that GLAAD and our office should have asked for you to elaborate further.

As for The Sofitel, once again you have never had a relationship w/ that venue and our office faciliated multiple days of filming on-site on behalf of Shed Media and yourself. You are well aware of their unhappiness to all that transpired during filming — Shed Media received their written response. Among their objections was the hiring of strippers by yourself which jeopardized their brand and their demand that none of that footage be incl in Ep 4. Your initial misrepresentation of the caliber of event to all parties that incl your personal guarantee that The Sofitel would be opening their doors for a “classy fundraiser” is the source of their post-event concerns.

By no means have any alleged “threats” been made by my office and we are not liable for the absence of any viable relationship btwn GLAAD and/or The Sofitel and yourself. It is reasonable to conclude that the alarming, violent, embarrassing, unstable and disruptive behavior that you displayed during filming also played a major factor.

In the last email from her publicist, which is dated March 25, Jackie is accused of bailing on several bills including the one for his services and her motives for using GLAADs name are questioned:

Ms. Christie:

In an effort to minimize misperception re: the event feat in tonite’s episode, pls refrain from referring to it as a “fundraiser” for GLAAD and the gay community. Sadly, GLAAD has not received any monies allegedly “raised” on their behalf via your September 2013 event — should this be an accounting error, pls provide documentation of your donation so that this oversight can be corrected immediately. As it stands, GLAAD and the entire gay community have every reason to question your true motive and intent for making them part of your event in September.

In addition, you have ignored multiple e-mails (10/04/13, 10/17/13, etc) regarding your unpaid invoice ($675.00) from Zing Graphics which produced the step/repeat for your event. As you have made absolutely no effort to rectify this matter, Kristina has indicated that she will be taking legal action to collect the delinquent payment.

Lastly, as was the case during Season 2, you have an outstanding balance with our office that is severely delinquent. We can no longer allow you to ignore this obligation and have no other option than to also seek legal action.

Hit the flip to see the emails.

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