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Bill Clinton Says He Loves Being Called The First Black President

It’s no secret that former Democratic President Bill Clinton a was favorite among African-Americans during his time in office and he couldn’t be more proud.

via L.A. Times

Once again, Bill Clinton proved that being an ex-president, surrounded by the rosy glow of the past, beats being the current pilloried resident of the White House.

A Wednesday night guest on comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night ABC show, Clinton was tight-lipped about his family’s future political plans, leaving that to Hillary Rodham Clinton to eventually divulge, but embraced his 1992 moniker as the nation’s “first black president” — and the actual first black president.

“I loved being called the first black president, but Barack Obama really is,” Clinton told Kimmel, to laughs.

Clinton’s historic support among and affinity with African Americans became strained in 2008 when Hillary Clinton and Obama battled to become the Democratic party’s presidential nominee.

Clinton pointed to that divide when he said that any differences between his family and Obama were resolved along with that primary fight.

“You know, I’ve done what I could — since Hillary lost the primary, we’ve done everything we could to support him,” Clinton said. Then he turned to Obamacare, and pointed out that more than 7 million people signed up for healthcare coverage by Monday’s deadline.

Clinton, of course, had battled for his own healthcare proposal when he took office, to no avail.

Big Willy love his honorary black card!



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