Protect Ya Neck: The Guide To Not Letting Side Piece Ruin Your Life

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Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano

Ways To Not Let Side Pieces Ruin Your Life

What did we learn this week? If you’re an idiot, you can let your side pieces ruin everything. Don’t let that happen. If you’re looking to avoid that stress, we’ve got some tips for you.

Stay for the last slide because that’s the most important.

Paul George Daniella

1. Strap Up! – This should be obvious. You don’t want to have any maybe babies running around, right Mr. Knowles?


2. No Texts! – You really want to put a written document of what you want your mistress to do to you?

paul george catfish 1

3. No Pictures – Please, don’t send the newds because they will get plastered all over the Interwebz one day.


4. Don’t Be All Jealous – Look, this is your side piece. You got someone. Don’t let him or her get to you by having someone of their own. Be mature here.

Pharrell Williams 41st Birthday Party

5. Don’t Consider Leaving – Don’t. You catch feelings then it’s all over.

the dream

6. Make It A Stranger – You don’t want it to be a friend of your boo…because those secrets never stay put.

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    7. Iron-Clad That Pre-Nup – So you’re going to get caught cheating and let your spouse take half? You better work something out.

    Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton

    8. Get Someone With Something To Lose, Too – Hey if your side piece has a husband or wife then there’s more incentive to shut the hell up.

    9. Keep Your Money – Don’t trick off your side piece. Tiger Woods bought one chick a six-inch sub. That’s the way to go.


    10. Cancel Your Social Media – Hey, don’t want to get caught? Take your a$$ off of Facebook. That’s where most people get caught.

    jesse james kat von d break uip

    11. Don’t Get Cocky – Don’t think your side piece can ruin your life? Donald Sterling didn’t either.

    LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, & The Miami Heat celebrate NBA Championship at STORY Night Club

    12. Don’t Let Your Friends In – You tell your friends? They’ll tell someone. Guaranteed.


    13. Don’t Play Games – Be up front so no one catches feelings and tries to get revenge.


    14. Don’t Be A Racist – This doesn’t have much to do with much, but in general, don’t be a racist. It didn’t help Donald Sterling much to be one.

    Jay Z and Beyoncé at second weekend of Coachella

    15. HEY, DON’T HAVE A SIDE PIECE! – Why don’t you just settle on loving the person you’re with, d-bag? We hope you were reading this for entertainment and not taking notes! No, we don’t condone side pieces here! Duh!

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