Oh, You Bad? A Gallery Of Rappers Who Got Knocked The Hell Out

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Rappers Who Got Knocked Out

Last we checked, rappers were supposed to be tough guys. Well, they can still get beat up, too. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these rappers who got knocked out. It’s not pretty.

Suge Knight – Let’s get him out of the way first. He’s not a rapper but he’s close enough and when he got knocked out it was poetry.

Mase – Either Ghostface or one of Ghostface’s buddies – depending on who you ask – knocked him out and he had to get his jaw wired.

40 Glocc – The Game beat 40 up recently…and filmed it because he’s a big fan of jail.

Joe Budden – He got punched in the eye by Raekwon live on Twitter and it was hilarious. Good thing for him, he only had a darkened eye.

Lil B – He got sucker punched live by an interviewer for no damn reason. We don’t get it.

Yung Berg – He gets knocked out every two weeks for his same damn chain.

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    PM Dawn – This is an old school situation, but Prince Be said the wrong thing and got tossed around by KRS-One wayyyy back in the day.

    Chris Brown – He raps sometimes so we’ll include Frank Ocean giving him a two piece and a biscuit to the list.

    Ja Rule – If Fiddy is to believed, Ja got knocked out and had his chain taken to start the whole beef.

    Nas…? – Tupac once alleged that his guys surrounded Nas and laid him out.

    Vanilla Ice – Suge Knight allegedly knocked Ice out, beat him up and make him hand over his publishing.

    Gunplay – He got laid out and carried away a couple of years ago, but redeemed himself by fighting off half of G-Unit by himself.

    The Game…? – Rumor had it that Game got knocked out in the mall once, but we’d imagine there would be video.

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