What The Hell Happened?! 15 Theories “Explaining” What Could Have Caused Solange And Jay Z’s Epic Elevator Fade

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First the Fat Boys break up, now this morning when we wake up, Solange is tryin’ to stomp out Hov

Today, disturbing footage emerged of Beyonce’s sister, Solange, in a violent physical altercation with her brother-in-law, Jay Z, in an elevator after the Met Gala. Unfortunately that footage is video only so we are left to our own devices to figure out what could have possibly sparked such a visceral reaction from the Sol Angel.

The BOSSIP editorial staff has compiled a list of possible (and semi-plausible) reasons that Solange was knuckin’ and buckin’ and ready to fight

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Jay told Solange how much he liked her work in “Drumline”, but the thing is…

Simple mix up. Could have happened to anybody.

Camel told Solange that the “family discount” for a verse is $50,000. Hey, sister-in-law or not, Hovi is still “overchargin’ n****s for what they did to the Cold Crush”.

Despite months of watching Blue Ivy, changing diapers, and manually pumping Beyonce’s breast milk, Jay informed Solange that the Illuminati has rejected her application. Sorry, no semi-talented siblings allowed.

“Not for nothin’, I’m glad I signed Rihanna instead of you”

Solange: *hums*

Hov: “Are you kidding me?! Memphis Bleek sings better than that!”

“You’re the Michelle Williams of the Knowles family.”

Hell, that might piss us off too.

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    “If you learned to serfbort like your sister your boyfriend probably wouldn’t have been texting that other broad”

    “Don’t be kissin’ my daughter after all that ‘watermelon’ you been suckin’ down”

    “Excuse me, miss, this is a private elevator, we don’t allow fans to-…HEEEEEY I didn’t even recognize you!”

    *sucks teeth* “Man, everytime she come around I end up smellin’ like shea butter and quinoa.”

    “Are you SURE that you’re Bey’s sister? You ever have your father take a DNA test? You know he be outchea ho’in'”

    LMAO @ “Where’s Sasha Fierce?!”

    Solange: “I think I wanna take on a new challenges this year.”

    Jay: “That’s what’s up. I been lookin’ for someone to ash my cigars and and hang my new Basquiat paintings. You can start Monday.”

    “You got a lot of mouth, you ever consider dating Chris Brown?”

    “Gwyneth was right, you ARE a real b****.”

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