Right And Tight: How Much Weight Did These Women Lose After Pregnancy?

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How Much Weight Did Celebrities Lose After Pregnancy?

You ever notice that celebrities recover from pregnancies and lose so much weight like it’s nothing? It’s crazy right? You ever wonder just how much they lost? Well, now you know because we have the answers!

Beyonce – She weighted 195 when pregnant and lost 65 pounds.

Kim Kardashian – She lost 50 pounds.

Halle Berry – 35 pounds lost with her first baby

Jennifer Lopez – She lost 50 pounds, too.

Amber Rose – She lost upwards of 60 pounds.

Jessica Alba – She lost 35 pounds

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    Jenny McCarthy – She lost almost 80 pounds…partly thanks to Weight Watchers.

    Christina Milian – She lost 27 pounds.

    Eveleyn Lozada – She lost 30 pounds after pregnancy.

    Kendra Wilkinson – She lost 40 pounds, claiming a weight loss pill helped her.

    Mariah Carey – She lost 70 pounds after Dem Babies.

    Kourtney Kardashian – She lost 50 pounds after her twins.

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