Illuminati Jr.? Willow & Jaden Smith Being Led To Teachings Of Known Cult Leader

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Young Hollyweird has no guidance…

Willow, Jaden, And Kylie Jenner Linked To Sex & Bio-terrorism Cult

Looks like Moises Arias was indeed priming Willow for something while they were laid up in that bed together…just not what we all assumed. The former Disney star at the center of the latest Smith family drama has now also been pinpointed as a guru of sorts, leading the Smith kids and their Young Hollywood friends into a philosophical belief system based on the teachings of a notorious cult leader.

Both Willow and Jaden have been throwing subliminals out about their newfound philosophy on social media. In short, it involves mysticism…champions free-thinking…and features a heavy focus on pyramids…does anyone else see what we’re seeing with our “all-seeing-eyes” here? Via RadarOnline:

Nightclubs, fast cars, and designer clothes have long defined Young Hollywood, but a small group of A-list kids including Kylie Jenner and Jaden and Willow Smith have bucked the trend and begun filling up their instagram with posts about meditation, philosophy and spiritual pursuits. Calling themselves the “Orgonite Society,” the teens seem to have bonded over their pursuit of knowledge. But has learned that the teachings they are studying have possible ties to a cult known for promiscuous sex, drug use, and bioterrorist activity! Should their parents be worried?

According to a new report in Star magazine, former Hannah Montana star Moises Arias introduced the Smith kids to the teachings of controversial cult leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, known to his followers as Osho. Arias, Jaden, and Willow have all been spotted reading books by the guru in recent weeks.

But perhaps they do not know that Osho was also known as the “sex guru” when he lorded over a 2,000-member Dalles, Ore., commune in which drug use and sex were rampant, Star claims.

And that’s not all — According to Star’s report, “Members of his cult were convicted of a bioterror attack after infecting 751 people in Dalles with salmonella.”

An insider tells Star the teens have dived head-on into the guru’s philosophies. “Because they are vulnerable and looking for something to believe in, they find the cult’s ideals intriguing,” the source said.

Where are Will and Jada? They need to be there to fill their kids’ empty minds with substance so they don’t fall for any old thing! This really helps explain Jaden’s fake-deep stream-of-consciousness tweets, though.

Though raised Scientologist, “Jaden has really dived headfirst into this radical movement. He thinks he is a ‘philosopher’ and Willow is just as into it,” the source said. Jaden’s clothing line, MSFTS, has posted several instagram and Twitter messages about the “Orgonite Society.”

Indeed, has learned that both teens have posted pictures of themselves making bizarre “orgonite” pucks, meant to balance energy and cleanse a space, even supposedly defending against alien invasion, according to enthusiasts.

Hmmm…hate jump to conclusions on what we don’t necessarily understand…and not to holler “Illuminati” for everything…but sometimes you have to CALL A SPADE A SPADE! We already know Mama Kris is too busy wrapped up in the love lives of her oldest daughters to bother with what little Kylie is up to…but where are Will and Jada while this Moises character is filling their kids’ heads with this nonsense?!

Hit the flip to see exactly what this Orgonite Society is all about (according to Young Hollyweird)…

Seated at their leader Moises’ feet…wonder what they’re talking about? That freestyle in the caption doesn’t give us much clue…

Willow photoed here “finding her voice” through reading the teachings of Osho…

Jaden’s got something specific on his mind, huh?

The Orgonite Society’s handiwork…there’s a LOT of pyramids and esoteric messaging here, guys…

Photos: Instagram

They’ve got Jaden’s girlfiend Kylie into it too…

No caption from Willow on this one…but we think a lil explanation might have been helpful.

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    Maybe we need to read a little Osho to understand…

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