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50 Cent’s babymama Shaniqua Tompkins tells the very ugly truth in her first radio interview…

50 Cent’s Babymama Shaniqua Tompkins Says He Beat Her

The drama between rapper 50 Cent, his babymama Shaniqua Tompkins and their teenage son Marquise is seemingly never ending with things peaking this week as word got out that 50 missed Marquise’s high school graduation.

In the midst of the drama and rumors, Shaniqua stopped by V-103 Radio in Atlanta to set the record straight on a few things with her side of the story about 50 missing the graduation, abusing her with their kids present, abusing his other babymama Daphne Joy, not seeing his son in 2 years and more.

Check out a few excerpts from the interview below:

On 50 Cent saying he didn’t get “invited” to his son’s graduation:
I didn’t know a parent needed an invitation to a graduation. He is privy to the same information that I am privy to as a parent. You can call the school, you can ask, as a parent of a senior. Or have your assistant call. (And I’m not being condescending) have your assistant call. There were no tickets; it was on the lawn of the school. People that I did invite, they stood on the side to watch the graduation….you [50] could have been there! That is your choice. And being that you say you pay tuition (which he DOESN’T) you should’ve had a first class ticket then, right?

On 50 saying he pays his son’s tuition:
50 talks about this lifestyle…..but he doesn’t pay tuition, he pays child support. He told me he would [pay tuition] and then he changed his mind. I told him I wanted more because [Marquise] changed schools because I felt like the school he was going ot was getting a little rough. He’s in private school.

On 50 telling her to get a job:
He says get ‘get a job’ but I had a job with TLC network and [he] came and stopped that. I had a deal with a reality show. The show was cancelled, but everyone got paid but me. I had one! So, it’s like…..

On why she ignored 50’s calls now:
Because prior to those calls, I spoke with him and we spoke for a couple of hours on the phone. And when you feel like you can’t get through to a person….I know how to set boundaries; I’m not gonna waste my time. He’s always going in on what happened in the relationship. Marquise is never the main focus. It’s always “you left me, you did this, you did that.” He never takes responsibility for his actions.

Shaniqua also made some explosive revelations about 50 abusing her in front of their son Marquise and her daughter, being abusive to his other babymama Daphne Joy and more. See what else she had to say & listen to the full audio from the interview, with Shaniqua’s daughter also joining in, on the flip.

On 50 saying she has the media on speed dial:
TMZ called ME…and I don’t know how they got my number…they’re very good detectives. But, I spoke with TMZ once because [50] went on Live with Kelly & Michael saying “my son, he’s getting ready to turn 17 and we have this great relationship and all his friends love me…” and I’m like, wait a minute. You haven’t seen your son in almost 2 years!This month makes 2 years. He hasn’t seen his son since May of 2012. He hasn’t spoken to Marquise since the text messages where he told him “F you, I have another child..lose my number..” so, how am I biter?

On how her son felt about the text messages from 50:
We haven’t spoken on it yet but, on a day to day, he misses his dad. I broke up with his dad when Marquise was 10. So, he was with his dad from birth to then. So he misses his dad; he loves his dad. So, of course it hurts but and he used to cry about it and he used to really get down his spirit but I think with Marquise, when a person does stupid things all the time, it starts to lose it’s impact. So, it’s like, he’s just being him. And I think Marquise feels a little sorry for him.

On whether or not 50 was physically abusive to her in front of their son:
Yes. He [Marquise] saw that I left an abusive situation. And my daughter saw it also….that was my breaking point. I’m a person that doesn’t go out much, I’m very much a homebody. So, he started seeing my behavior change a little bit [when we were still together] because I did meet someone and he was in Connecticut. I’m usually always with my children, everyone knows that about me, so when I started going out [more often] he was like “where’s your mom?” He didn’t find out about it but he was away filming and he had come home and I wasn’t there. So, when he got in, he called me but I know how he is so I said ‘I’m not gonna come home until you calm down.” And when I got home, he just lost it completely. And even when my daughter walked in the room, he still was hitting me. He really lost it. And then he just broke down and cried. And that’s what was so scary because he’s hitting me in one moment but then the next, he’s in my lap crying like a baby.

On if she’s still with the man she left 50 for:
Yes. I think me leaving him, it reinforced all those abandonment that he suffered as a child. He never knew his dad; his mom died when he was 9. But he never lived with his mom. He likes to create his own reality but…his grandmother told me extensively “he was always here with me.” So I really think you’re not angry with me, you’re angry with your mom.

On whether she was cheating on 50:
Yes. I did. I’m not gonna make….that’s wrong cause 2 wrongs don’t make a right…but all the numerous times he cheated on me?! [Laughs].

You can listen to the full audio of Shaniqua’s interview with more from her and her daughter, below. Who’s side of the story do you believe?

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