#OnHere: The Craziest, Dumbest And Wildest Debates People Have On Twitter All The Time

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12 Craziest Debates On Twitter

Twitter is full of opinions, debates and back-and-forths that seem to last forever. We scoured tweets and our memory banks to find the topics we see happen over and over again. So without further ado, the biggest Twitter debates ever.

T.I. Could Beat Up Floyd Mayweather – Idiots really do exist.

$200 Dates? – This has been going on since the beginning of time. Are $200 dates too expensive, just right or who cares?

$1200 Dates? – Just like a spreading virus, the $200 date discussion went to $1200 dates…because why the hell not?

Rihanna Is Regular – Yes, there is a big discussion over if Rihanna is “regular-looking” or not.

Beyonce is Regular – Sigh. You won’t even believe…

Yeezus Is A Classic/Trash – Depending on who you ask, Kanye’s album is great or the worst in his catalogue. Anyone consider that it’s decent?

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    Takeover vs. Ether – These songs came out in 2001…we’re still having this discussion.

    Fly Em’ Out? – Is it okay to fly your man/woman out to get some? IF so, who pays?

    Salads – Um…you can use your imagination about this discussion.

    #WellActually – This isn’t so much a debate as much as there’s always someone showing up to correct people when they make jokes. They have no friends.

    Jordan vs. LeBron vs. Kobe – Sports Twitter is the most intense Twitter.

    Why The Cowboys Suck – Sorry Cowboys fans…at least people care, though!

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