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49ers baller Frank Gore is exposed!!!

Mistresses Expose Frank Gore’s Cheating Ways After He Proposes To Baby Mama

San Francisco 49er star running back, Frank Gore, recently proposed to the mother of two of his sons, Drick Parrish. Drick just happens to to be the sister of Frank’s best friend, NFL player Roscoe Parrish. Frank’s sister posted photos of the engagement from last weekend…

But the only issue about this “happy engagement” is that there are TWO other women who have been claiming Frank out in these Instagram streets as well…

Yikes!!! The NFL baller has been involved with the two ladies by the name of “Yasmine” and Kehaulani, and has been seen out and about with them just a week before he proposed to his baby mama of 10 years.

According to Baller Alert reports the curious case of Frank involves pimps, betrayal, money and sex.

“Yasmin’s name is really JASMINE and she and Frank have been sleeping together since she was underage (now 18) and he knew. He used to always say he liked younger girls. Here’s how Jasmine met Frank. Jasmine is known in San Jose as a Thot always had trains ran on her and has been on and off the track since she dropped out of school at 15. Her goal was to find a baller. She idolized video vixens that ended up getting saved by ballers.

Jasmine was friends with a girl named “T” who was also friends with another girl named Kehaulani. Kehaulani and Jasmine din’t like each other at first but “T” convinced them to become friends since they’d all be “working together.” Kehaulani was dating Frank first then one day they both went to frank house and when Kehaulani was hella drunk Jasmine and Frank exchanged info… Frank and Kehaulani started falling off and then Frank moved Jasmine in with him knowing she was 17. In late January, Jasmine started claiming Frank proposed to her and that she has a baby on the way… Her Instagram determines that was a lie. Jasmine doesn’t want Frank or any baller to know the real her, that she is an escort, which is why she begged “T” to delete all the pics she has of them or to not post pics when they hang out. She’s said countless of times she isn’t in love with Frank and that he’s very controlling. When she doesn’t want to have sex with him he gets hella mad and choked her but she won’t leave until she lands a baller with more money.”

Now it looks like Frank has gotten a bit scared that his two jumpoffs are willing to sell the affairs to the media and allegedly sent gang-bangers to the home of their “pimp” to try and scare them. Hit the flip to see what Jasmine and Kehaulani’s money making pimp has to say about Frank’s dirty dog ways next….

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