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Florida Man Arrested For Sending Sext Messages To Police Officer

Via WINKNews

Unwanted, x-rated pictures showed up on a police officer’s phone. The man sent the selfies in lingerie and in his birthday suit.

Police say 30-year-old Paul Kirleis sexted the officer early Sunday morning after calling 911 twice to report a suspicious vehicle. When the officer returned the calls on his department issued cell phone Kirleis allegedly sent him six text messages back, then the lewd selfies.

“I’m not surprised because he was wild,” said Kirleis’ neighbor Georgie Calascibetta. “sometimes he would come in here and could hardly walk.”

Calascibetta tells Wink News she used to pay him to do odd jobs around her house until she says he started stealing her medication.

“Then he’d steal money.” ” I would say I know you stole that money of course he wouldn’t admit it.” “I said I know you did, so I had to hide everything and said you can’t come in this house anymore.”

Wink News dug into Kirleis’ past and found out he’s been arrested 12 times since 2004 for drugs, DUI, trespassing and theft. None of the charges had anything to do with sexting, let alone sexting an officer.

In his arrest report, Kirleis told police he was intoxicated when he sent the lewd pictures. He also said he didn’t remember most of the night and didn’t even know who he was sexting. A judge told Kirleis being intoxicated isn’t a legitimate defense. She held him on $10 thousand bond for stalking and for prohibition of lewd photos. His neighbors say they hope he gets help.

He was hopin’ to get a lil’ action from “the long arm of the law”.

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