OJ Simpson’s Sister Has Passed Away

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And some say Orenthal had a part to play in her untimely death:

Carmelita Durio, O.J. Simpson’s sister who collapsed in a Las Vegas courtroom when he was convicted of robbery and kidnapping, died Monday in a Sacramento hospital, a family friend said. Tom Scotto told The Associated Press in a phone interview that he did not know the exact cause of death but said that her kidneys had failed in recent days. He said he believed she was in her early 60s.

“I think it was the stress. She just couldn’t take it,” Scotto said, noting that she had declined since October, when she last saw her brother led out of a courtroom in handcuffs. That day, she collapsed and paramedics were called to revive her. “Ever since the trial she just hasn’t been well,” said Scotto, who spoke to her every few days.

He said she was taken to a hospital about three weeks ago, was released to a rehabilitation facility but then was returned to the hospital recently and fell into a coma. “Her kidneys just shut down,” he said. “They don’t know what happened.”

He said Durio’s husband, Charles, and another Simpson sister, Shirley Baker, were with her when she died.

Simpson, who is in a Nevada state prison at Lovelock, Nev., was notified of his sister’s death according to Nevada Department of Corrections spokeswoman Suzanne Pardee. Simpson is serving a sentence of nine to 33 years in prison. Funeral arrangements were pending. Scotto said the family hoped that Simpson would be allowed to come to the funeral. Pardee said it was unlikely he would be allowed to go even if he could afford to pay to be transported. But she said the issue had not yet been raised.

Simpson, 61, had been in Las Vegas for Scotto’s wedding when he was arrested with a group of other men who confronted two memorabilia collectors at a hotel room and seized items Simpson said were his stolen possessions.

We’re sorry that she died stressed out behind her insane brother’s tactics – but believe it or not, our heart actually goes out to the ole bi-polar brute. R.I.P. Carmelita.


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  • I Miss My Mookie


  • Christilicious


  • Christilicious

    oh crap….2nd

  • U2know

    I don’t know why they don’t see that O.J. Simpson has been placed in prison not for the robbery but for the murders of that coke head and Ron. Las Vegas is doom for that conviction. I see a down fall in the future of Vegas.

  • Nigga Said

    So what you’re trying to tell me is that not only does OJ have the power to kill people with knives, he also has the ability to cause kidney failure in others? WOW. He’s a dangerous man.

  • Eryca K

    OJ is a full time loser.. I feel bad for his sister but he should’ve seen this coming. He should’ve known they were gonna get him for those previous murders.

    And who told him he was gangsta.. LOL


    thats awful…RIP Carmelita…my conolences to the family and friends 😦

  • http://iolastar.com/blog iolastar

    My heart goes out to the family as well. They have been through a lot. I can only imagine what his kids have to go through.

  • http://dicooper.spaces.live.com/ DICooper

    OJ should have moved to Thailand when he still had the chance. Bangkok has got to be better than the Pokey.

    Whether or not he “did it” back in the day, I would have seen the writing on the wall and gotten so ghost that my sister would have to understand.

  • tg

    RIP – the family has my condolences.

  • glambrezzy

    awh. she just couldnt handle it. She loved and believed in him. this is just so sad. this is gon kill him.

  • me (the original) RichardBibs GTFO!!!

    RIP 😦 No matter what we may feel about OJ, stuff like this is terrible.

    That said..damn, she looks JUST LIKE HIM. Like..if he put on a wig..they could be twins.

  • me (the original) RichardBibs GTFO!!!

    @ MizJulie

    Why do you say that? F*ck them all?

  • kays

    @ErycaK LMAO at my desk thats a good one!

  • Shokox

    R.I P Carmelita

  • da truth!

    I don’t care what nobody says….. That lady had his back! Through thick and thin. Everyone would be lucky to have a sister like her. P.S. O.J got done wrong on this one!

  • TheGoodGood

    the stress killed her

    OJ’s latest victim

  • TheGoodGood

    I have to add that OJ’s life is typical of a lot of lost black men.. just wastes of space and energy by all around them.

    Black men, do better!

  • Illy


    I’ve been saying why didn’t OJ get the hell out of Dodge. Even Wacko Jacko knew when it was time to raise up. OJ got too cocky after the first trial.

  • http://wandaphullworld.com/2009/04/07/oj-simpson-sister-passed-away-people-are-blaming-him/ OJ SIMPSON SISTER PASSED AWAY, & PEOPLE ARE BLAMING HIM « "WandaPhull World"

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  • theblackgirl

    i dont know about hearts going out to oj but yes to his sister and to her family. now iif she really believed her brother was innocent all this time for the murders (not for robbery, i dont care about that bs) then she will know the truth now. maybe she can send her brother some conscious from up above.



  • one_last_hurrah

    I feel bad for the lady, but that self-centered
    bastard OJ, brought a lot of UN-NCEASSRY pain
    into a lot of people’s lives.

    Selfish, idiotic, ego-maniacal bastards do this type of damage to so many people.

    I feel very bad for her — I only hope that at 62 that bastard OJ FINALLY gets a conscience.

  • leave-it-be


  • Jia

    My heart goes out to her family. I am so sorry to hear this.

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