When the Checks Stop Coming In: Couple Robbed for…Box of Chicken!

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Earlier this week a couple in Jacksonville, Fla. was robbed at gunpoint for a box of that bomb Popeye’s Chicken:

The search is on for a team of crooks who robbed an Arlington couple at gunpoint for their takeout Popeye’s chicken. Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits According to police, a young mother was leaving her shift after closing the Popeye’s restaurant in Arlington on Atlantic Boulevard when she noticed she was being followed home. .Authorities said four men drove by several times in a burgundy Pontiac sedan yelling, “give us the chicken,” at the woman and her boyfriend.

The couple ignored the men and continued walking back to their house, thinking the group was gone. However, the men in the car then started driving slowly toward the couple and turned off their headlights. Police said one of the passengers got out of the car with a shotgun and yelled, “You know what time it is. Give it up.” They said the man ordered the victim to put down the chicken, saying if she didn’t she would be shot.

According to a police report, the gunman pointed the barrel of the gun at the victim and that’s when her boyfriend pleaded and begged, telling the man the woman is two months pregnant. Police said after the victims were on the ground, the crooks also stole the victim’s purse. As the gunman was walking away, the victims told police they could hear the other people in the car yelling to “blast him.” The victims said the woman had just gotten paid at work and was going to spend her earnings on her 5-year-old daughter, whose birthday is on Saturday. People in the area told Channel 4 they aren’t shocked at all by the crime. “It is very ridiculous. It’s nothing new. Crime has grown so much in Jacksonville, it’s unreal,” said Brandy Thomas. Police said another armed robbery took place at about the same time and only a mile away from the chicken robbery. It’s unclear whether the robberies are connected.

Damn, they could have left them folks food alone. No time to rush the back and hookup a quick box? SMH



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  • Z

    This makes me want a 2-piece snack!

  • poor dude

    “Love that chicken from popeye’s!”

  • poor dude

    lol@ the dude pictured, lmao

  • Superbiotch

    The ugly result of the recession. People are actually robbing each other for chicken…CHICKEN!

  • Justtoomuch

    What is this world coming too! I mean it’s getting pretty bad when someone gets robbed, but for chicken??

  • Proud ArmyWifee

    @ poor dude
    you are silly for that first comment lol, that is jacked up though but I found it rather amusing though. Not that they got robbed but dudes cant even hustle up a couple of dollars in a spade game or something these cats robbing ppl for they chicken!? Man I am not anxious about going back to the states. THE ARMY IS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR PPL lol.

  • Ms. T.

    oh my


    Must have been that extra crisp kind!!!With the exta biscuits!!

  • Jade

    Popeyes is the bomb, but damn he could of let them eat their meal. I hope he choked on a chicken bone.

  • Deadhead

    “Authorities said four men drove by several times in a burgundy Pontiac sedan yelling, ‘give us the chicken,'”

    DEAD. X-D

  • always knew

    OMG! hahahahahahahahahahaha, I am still LMAO!!!

    If this story wasn’t so funny, I’d be crying..

    First off, chasing people for chicken? Following the walking couple to rob them for chicken?

    And finally, like Deadhead said..’

    “Authorities said four men drove by several times in a burgundy Pontiac sedan yelling, ‘give us the chicken,’” You know what time it is, give us the chicken.” OMG! LMAO!

    Sorry for the 5 yr old girl who didn’t get a b-day party, behind all this nonsense…Any body get the couple’s name, the little girl still needs a gift card, or something, I’d like to send…

    What is this world coming to? Robbing people for Chicken? And yes, I’ll bet $100.00, they are blk.

  • jena4rmthablock

    Damn it that’s my home city!
    Well it is so bad out here crime wise! The murder capitol of Florida and that ain’t no sh*t to be proud off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pullin out a shout gun for chicken is a new low…

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