Struggle Sorcery: A Gallery Of Celebs Accused Of Photoshopping Their Instagram Pics

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Celebs Suspected of Photoshopping IG Pics

Celebrities will do ANYTHING to control their image even if it means Photoshopping random pics that they post on social media. Why? We're not quite sure but it's clear that many of them struggle with insecurities that Photoshop definitely can't fix. Hit the jump for celebs accused of Photoshopping their Instagram pics.
KimK-BlacChyna Bending walls never lie.
Kimk1 Oh, Kimmy.
airbrushedface Why does Mariah Carey's face look like this, you ask? Because she Photoshopped it.
britney-spears-fake-abs That awkward moment when your own fans put you on blast for Photoshopping fake abs.
Kyliejenner (Catfishy Kylie Jenner)
Kimk2 So beautiful, yet so insecure and photoshop sorcery crazy.
MirandaKerr (Miranda Kerr)
Donatella (Donatella)
PeachesGeldof (Peaches Geldof)
DanielBernstein (Fashion blogger Daniel Bernstein)
delemomodu Photoshopped Bushes or nah? Topsy/Instagram

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