Rumor Control: Brian McKee Denies Smashing Momma Dee To Smithereens Because He’s Still Married To Andrea Kelly!

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This guy sure has a type…

Brian McKee Denies Dating Momma Dee Because He’s Still Legally Married

Are they a couple or not? Inquiring minds are confused about the nature of Momma Dee and Brian McKee’s relationship, but the two recently offered some much-needed clarity.

Via S2S Magazine reports:

After posting photos of the two together, Momma Dee had fans believing she and Brian were an item. However, he later told that their friendship is strictly platonic.

“I’ve gotten to know her. She’s a really good person, really down to earth and we really have become friends, but we’re not romantically involved,” said Brian who is still legally married to “Hollywood Exes” star Andrea Kelly.

“We’ve been talking and that sort of thing, but I’m really just going through my divorce with Drea. I’m not really seeing anybody like that,” he said.

Momma Dee reportedly responded to Brian’s clarification with one of her own, stating that she is in a relationship, but not with Brian.

Apparently, that development was relatively new…to Brian.

“She had to be honest with him and let him know that she is in love with another man and is not able to commit to him fully at this time,” a rep told MadameNoir.

Though it seems like things between Brian and Momma Dee—the alleged hook up and subsequent breakup—happened quickly, Brian said he’s learned about moving fast when it comes to romance.

In contrast to what viewers witnessed on “Hollywood Exes,” he recently revealed that he and Drea have been married for more than a year. He said the two wed just six days after they first met.

It seems like this guy leeches onto any woman with more than 15 minutes of fame. Can you say groupie??

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